Friday, 9 April 2010

Cloud Test and Lame Stage

So these are the clouds that will be replacing that background there behind my absolutely lovely, simple stage, which has yet to be kitted out with amps and whatnot. :)
The red planes represent the spaces that the band will be occupying in the near future. :)

Making the clouds was actually pretty fun! I followed a really simple tut, and messed about with the values for my own purposes. :D And they came out pretty nice, I think. :)

Monday, 29 March 2010

First Post!

Okay, so I'm working with Yuki for this last project of our second year.
And we're tackling the External Client part of the brief, 'cause we're such rebels.

After hunting around for a little while with people we know for contacts, I recalled a friend asking for some promotional material (simple things, like a 3D logo) for his band, and figured why the hell not?
So, we had a brainstorming/outlining session on Saturday, which lasted a few hours and came away with some nice starting points for the final boss.

As it stands, we're in the process of storyboarding and brainstorming for ideas for our short music video style piece.
The overall effect they're looking for is somewhat Guitar Hero/Rock Band-esque with the large, 2D crowd in front of a stage. But the scene would be built in 3D.

We have some key words to work with - Lazy, Drunk, Groovy, Fun. :) They call their music blooze - groovy, drunken blues.
We're working with rough recordings of two tracks, one more preferable than the other, and will be given the final, studio recorded track of whichever turns out best.

Will write more at a later date, but here are some proper links to the band's MySpace, Facebook, etc pages.!/pages/ZOCALO/90534285560?ref=ts